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Fresh Pick | MODEL MARINE by Candace Havens
Fresh Pick / November 2, 2011

Uniformly Hot November 2011 On Sale: October 18, 2011 Featuring: Will Hughes; Hannah Harrington 224 pages ISBN: 0373796501 EAN: 9780373796502 Paperback $5.25  Add to Wish List Romance, Romance Erotica Sensual Buy at The perfect model Model Marine by Candace Havens Simply the best… Subject: Captain Will Hughes, U.S. Marine Corps Current Status: On assignment in NYC— suddenly recruited to shed the uniform! Mission: Serve as model, muse and man-toy without running afoul of the general. Obstacle: Hannah Harrington, fashion world It girl. Hannah narrowly escapes Fashion Week disaster by hijacking gorgeous Will for her runway show—after all, rock-hard abs are the ultimate accessory. His good deed nearly lands him in the brig, but he’ll risk anything to get back into her bed…. Hannah can’t figure out how this model marine got under her skin—they’re complete opposites! But sexy Will not only ignites her senses, he fuels her creativity: an irresistible combination, even if it can’t last. Can two steamy weeks together satisfy their lust…or will they have to extend this mission? Excerpt “The male models are in jail.” Anne Marie whispered the words so Hannah wasn’t sure if she heard her correctly. They were backstage working with the stylists…

Grace Burrowes | What My Characters Taught Me
Author Guest / November 2, 2011

It’s axiomatic that protagonists in romantic fiction are going to have to face their worst fears. They’ll be forced by fate (or the author) into the one corner they most desperately want to avoid, and they’ll have to do the one thing they never, ever wanted to do–only to emerge worthy of a happily ever after. When I started writing the Windham sibling books, playing the role of fate was great fun: The Earl of Westhaven started off as an orderly fellow who liked think his way through problems and take care of all in his ambit. He eschewed (other people would say avoid, but this guy is a ducal heir so he eschews) emotional situations, and regarded it as his lot to bear up manfully under His Grace’s queer starts and unreasonable expectations. Oh, what fun it is to write… by the end of THE HEIR, Westhaven was getting tipsy with his brothers, had shouted his father into a heart seizure, been confounded by problems he could not solve, and frustrated by the one woman who would not allow him to take care of her. He was also a man capable of loving and worth loving. His brothers fared…