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Nikki Duncan | Truth or Dare?
Author Guest / March 9, 2013

I used to be afraid of playing truth and dare. Partly because I was so horribly clueless that I wouldn’t have a good truth and partly because I was terrified of what kind of dare I’d find myself facing. Now, with the friends I have and the changes my life has taken, I find myself equally leery of the game. However, when I am dared to do something in my writing, I will often find a way to work it in. Once, after discovering “Love Game” by Lady Gaga, I was dared to use the term disco stick in a book. It has since made it into two of my books. Guess that’s a great thing about recurring characters in a series. 🙂 Most recently, and less naughty but no less fun, I was dared to put a line in from a movie. Did you see Letters to Juliet? You know the scene where he falls and she asks if he can move and he says “Only my lips.”? That cracks me up every time I see it, so when the dare came in for me to use that line I couldn’t resist. I don’t think it came off quite…