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Maryann Jordan | Top 5 Favorite Novels
Author Guest / November 30, 2017

I have written and published 30 novels (with 2 more written and waiting to be published). Readers often ask authors to choose which is their favorite book (that they have written). When I am asked this question, it is so hard…like being asked to choose your favorite child! For authors, our characters are so personal to us. We created them, know them, understand them. When they act in ways that perhaps they shouldn’t, we know why. When they are heroic, we know their challenges. But, for those of you who do not know my books, I have forced myself to choose my top five and why. Perhaps, you will find something that strikes a chord with you as well. Gabe (Alvarez Security Series) This was what I consider to be my breakout book, being the 8th book I wrote. The cover was certainly a hit with a hot guy on the front. It was my first attempt at writing “beyond” detectives and wrote about an elite security business. The men had been former squad members with the Army’s Special Forces. Each story begins with a scene from when they were in the military and as the story progresses, you see…