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R.C. Alvarez | Don’t Mess with Texas… or the Rattlesnakes!
Author Guest / May 23, 2019

R.C. Alvarez here, the paranormal romance writing team of Storm Navarro and Jolie de la Cruz! Picking a location for the setting of our book was not a difficult choice. We chose what we knew best: Texas. Growing up here, we’ve seen all sorts of people and creatures. Big and small. Loud and quiet. A certain respect for others and nature is bred into you. Everybody knows Texas is sweet small towns and rich southern culture, but it’s also wild landscapes and even wilder animals. From salamanders, frogs, and toads to all the different kind of birds. You can hardly drive down a winding back road without spotting a deer or two any time of the year. Cows and horses and sheep are cute in their pastures, but don’t let the quaintness fool you. In the wide expanse of Texas wilderness, there can be dangerous things too. Scorpions, wild hogs, large spiders, venomous snakes, coyotes, bobcats, and mysterious mountain lions. There even used to be wolves that roamed the arid lands of West Texas before they were nearly wiped out about 50 years ago. Neither of us has ever seen a wolf in person or a mountain lion for that…