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Ah, re visitation — WORKING FOR THE DEVIL

October 18, 2006

WORKING FOR THE DEVILThe Fresh Pick committee works from a theme. This is an FYI for those not in the know or who haven’t figured it out to this point, and the committee mastermind, who shall remain nameless, always comes up with a theme of the week; it might be a movie opening, a national holiday, a honorific, or sometimes, I think, just her mood 🙂

Personally, I get a kick out of trying to figure out what the theme is before I have to give in and ask, which I must admit pisses her off sometimes, because, you know, it’s so OBVIOUS! Amazing other people roll their eyes as well. So, the theme for this week is obviously spooky, but not quite Halloween spooky, I know she’s got something truly exotic in mind for that week. It’s definitely evil, and I think I’ve got it now! THE DEVIL!

When I saw today’s book pick — WORKING FOR THE DEVIL by Lilith Saintcrow — I went ooooh, that was one I voted for cause I fell in love with the kick-ass heroine. She’s like this bounty hunter in hell type. Yeah, yeah, another bounty hunter, it’s like there’s a bounty hunter, vampire hunter virus going around the publishing circles, but this one was actually a pretty good read. So much so, I went and BOUGHT it last year when it came out and begged for a peek at the review copy, WHICH I DID NOT GET SO I HAD TO BUY ANOTHER COPY (yeah, still steamed!). But let’s not digress too much.

WORKING FOR THE DEVIL is the first in a series with Dante Valentine, a necromancer. For those who are “a what?” that’s someone who can raise the dead and get them to talk before putting them back in whatever existence they’re “residing.” First, loved the name — Dante Valentine — cool combination that resonates: a little naughty and a little nice. Second, Dante is a well-drawn character. Very understandable and maybe not “likeable” but she’s not bad to read about what’s happening in her life. Third, the plot just keeps twisting and twisting and twisting — fast paced and forces you to keep read to catch up. Fourth, the villains are so SEXY! So, when I’ve got a book with FOUR things going so well in sync, it’s definitely a keeper.

Dead Man RisingThe next book out in the “Dante Valentine” series is DEAD MAN RISING. Don’t mess around, go get the set! You’ll enjoy….

Wonder what evil lurks for tomorrow.

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