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October 20, 2006

Great title, isn’t it? And a book to chill you to your bones. CLOSE ENOUGH TO KILL is our book club’s October pick. And we also talked to the author, Beverly Barton, on the phone during our meeting. Apparently we were noisy and having a “good time” scaring the men off to various other corners of the house during our A Tasty Trip to Sergio and Raoul’s Villa evening.

To be totally honest, the evening’s theme is based on the menu and not the book or author chosen.

Barton is a delightful woman to have as a guest — even via the telephone — and she answered all our burning questions with ease. You know, the usual mundane but must ask the author questions — what does she read when she’s not writing, how does she do her research, what television shows does she like to watch, plus our queries book centered — how is the book related to other books, does she know a serial killer personally, etc. Okay, I don’t think we actually had drunk enough wine to ask that one, but she handled the rest very well. She watched Medium, loves Lost, and Jericho and we advised her to not miss Dexter. Isn’t that a crazy show? She reads all her pals: Linda Howard, Iris Johansen, Linda Randall Wisdom and I missed a few…the wine was good, it had a bull on it! TORO!

And obviously, CLOSE ENOUGH TO KILL was a good read – very very gritty, with surprising twists. What else could you ask in a romantic suspense?

Drat…I was told my “demon theme” was WRONG! Sheesh, what is it?

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