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Allegra Gray | Are YOU the Heroine?

August 7, 2009

allegra grayNothing But ScandalI admit it. When I think of my all-time favorite romance novels, it’s the guys I remember. Sometimes the plot. But always the guy. The heroic, fire- fighting single dad secret-billionaire with the hot bod. Or the dark, tortured soul needing redemption (still sporting, of course, the requisite hot bod. Perhaps with a few scars).

So why is it, I got to wondering, that I don’t remember the female leads as quickly? The heroines who often are just as intrepid and heroic as their male counterparts?

Because I like to become the heroine while reading. So it takes me a minute, sometimes, to remember there was a female lead (who had a name that most likely was not the same as my own).

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