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Sara Reyes | How I Attended a Sherrilyn Kenyon Signing Event…or New Friends, New Experiences

August 8, 2009

Sara Reyes

Books Included:

Bad Moon Rising
Phantom of the night

This week I seemed to spend half my time buying books, getting a ticket for a book signing and then standing in line and waiting for a signing. It probably was only a couple of hours but I’m sure you know what it’s like to try to mesh your schedule with a family’s schedule especially when there is car pooling involved!

So, here’s how it worked out — I got up before dawn and showered and dressed to leave at 6:30am to go to downtown Dallas on Tuesday, August 4th, the day BAD MOON RISING was officially released. Now in the old days with a “real job” that was my usual routine but it’s been a couple of years and I only get up that early to work in my “work clothes” aka pajamas, so to be actually showered and dressed is a shocker, but I managed. Then I drove downtown barely missing the rush hour traffic and just avoiding a few of the angry drivers. Oh, yes, and the sun rose. It may have been beautiful but I was too busy trying to keep my eyes open and avoiding other motorists without the help of coffee. Sigh. After dropping off one passenger I had two hours to “kill” but I had brought my laptop and thoughts of 1) coffee and 2) WiFi danced in my head. Fortunately I found a coffee / restaurant, sadly no WiFi. So, I went in, had breakfast (with coffee, probably a full pot) and did my ‘to do’ list for the day.

At 8:45am I headed out to the Barnes & Noble to buy the books (Sherrilyn Kenyon‘s BAD MOON RISING and the BAD series) as I was the designated “buyer” and was very surprised when I got to the store and found it opening to a line of customers. All hot footing it to the SK table of books, then check out and then the Information Desk for the numbered line ticket. Organized but I was grateful for the pot of coffee in me! Finding myself as ticket line holders 16 – 20, I chatted with the CRM and was introduced to another fan who wanted to know all about our book club and “dinner” with Sherrilyn and Dianna Love scheduled lunch for the next day. We chatted and exchanged contact information. Then it was off to find an electrical outlet, a table big enough for two laptops and to see if the ‘free’ WiFi at BN really worked or not. Success after asking around where they hide the electrical outlets and yes, yes, the WiFi is now free and decent. Settled in for two hours of work when I get a call, my hair stylist can see me an hour early. Much rejoicing but little work done because we’re now packing everything up and heading back north.

Then it was two hours as a baked potato, I am so glad I can give some people laughter in their miserable lives, chatting up in the salon and being introduced to another “reader of your stuff.” Talked about the book club, Fresh Fiction and the signing the next day. Exchanged information, got nails done, hair washed and styled. The gray is gone for another couple of weeks. Then it was off to meet a business associate. More work. Then it was back down town for a sneak preview of “Julie & Julia,” we even take a note book along to jot down thoughts as a review is required for this one. Then after a quick bite at the food court, we enjoy the antics of the free showing preview audience (most won their seats at radio show giveaways and didn’t really have the assigned press seats they were trying to use) and watch a lovely film created from TWO books: MY LIFE IN FRANCE by Julia Child and JULIE & JULIA by Julie Powell. A great film I highly recommend it. See Gwen’s review.

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