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Allie Pleiter | Cry me a keeper…

July 16, 2009

So, why is it we love to see our characters go to the brink of misery? Follow them to the loss of their most treasured people, dreams, and possessions? The answer is because it makes for the best reading. Drama is the stuff of great books, and drama is built on loss, conflict, stress, and any number of other nasty elements. Let’s face it; make up kisses are always the sweetest. We cheer for the couple that falls scarred and wounded into each other’s arms because deep down, we know the redemptive power of love. When a romance restores a soul, it affirms our deeply held belief that love really can conquer all. That it transforms, redeems, and changes lives.

You could comb the Bible and find scores of verses that talk about love’s power. It’s the stories, though, that stick with us. The books where all seems lost and you can’t imagine how the hero and heroine are going to make it back to each other–those are the best ones. Because it means that anything can get better!

Cameron and Dinah go through their share of misery in Bluegrass Blessings. They learn things, down in that dark hole, that they can’t learn anywhere else. Things that push them to new strengths and new capacities. As a writer, I know a book is good when I cry writing it, just like you know the “keepers” on your shelf made you cry. I hope I made you laugh as much as cry, because I believe laughter has powers all its own.

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