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Saturday Smackdown: The Doctor’s Companion
Smackdown / January 2, 2010

The Daily DoseSmattering of Romance, Paranormal, and General Observations Tonight ends the David Tennant run as Doctor Who. The second episode of The End of Time has already aired in the United Kingdom, but BBC America will air that episode this evening in the U.S. In honor of David Tennant and the magnificent women who served as his companion, we have an extra long Saturday Smackdown for you this week. Up for your choice, this week is which companion is your favorite: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones or Donna Noble? Billie Piper Rose Tyler played by Billie Piper is introduced in the revived series as the ninth Doctor’s (Christopher Eccleston). Rose is a working class girl who has a job as a London shop girl. She lives with her mother Jackie and her sometime boyfriend is Mickey Smith (no relationship to Sarah Jane). Rose’s enthusiastic embrace of the Doctor’s lifestyle leads her to fall in love with him. While the series typically refrained from showing the romantic relationships between the Doctor and his companions, Rose works her way under the Doctor’s jaded skin, giving him a new lease of life. Read the rest of the Dr. Who smackdown… Visit to…

Saturday Smackdown: Gandalf versus Dumbledore
Smackdown / December 19, 2009

The Daily DoseSmattering of Romance, Paranormal, and General Observations Ah the beauty of the holiday season! We kick off our last week in a countdown towards Christmas with last minute shopping, sending holiday cards and sadly, a head cold for the midget. Today’s smackdown is a look at the great wizards of two fabulous series. Both wizards inspire, guide and are tremendously powerful in their own right. I can hardly choose between them and cannot compare them as which is more powerful or which is more inspirational. Therefore, I ask only that you choose which one is your favorite. I know which one is mine. Gandalf the Grey (later the White) Gandalf is a fictional character with major roles in J. R. R. Tolkien‘s novels THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Gandalf appears as a wizard, member and later the head (after Saruman’s betrayal and fall) of the order known as the Istari, as well as leader of the Fellowship of the Ring and the army of the West. In THE LORD OF THE RINGS, he is initially known as Gandalf the Grey, but after assuming leadership of the Istari, he becomes known as Gandalf the White. Albus…