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and on a book note — URBAN SHAMAN

June 27, 2005

I apparently hit a few nerves on my URBAN SHAMAN report. Other readers report that they really liked it. I’m still trying to figure out where it went wrong for me, but even reflecting on my read, I’m convinced it’s not a book that jumps out and does the hoops for me.

However, if you like “urban fantasy,” the new catch term for fantasy sent in a contemporary alternate city universe, you might give URBAN SHAMAN a try.

Hmm, do you think it is just because I’m not convinced I like this shaman stuff? Although, I did re read INDUSTRIAL MAGIC this weekend; Dennis is a shaman and I liked his bit part. In fact I need to get my copy of HAUNTED to re read. I really like Kelley Armstrong’s work, everything but DIME STORE MAGIC was top notch reading, unlike Kim Harrison who started out strong then wimped on the new book. ::sigh:: so picky. But I still have Harrison on my auto buy list, which is saying I have HIGH hopes for future works.

Speaking of books, and putting off doing “real” work, paranormal has been a topic of conversation recently. Most of my buds have joined me in finding our recent enjoyment in books either classified as strictly paranormal (or fantasy, urban or otherwise) or with a strong paranormal leaning. If we did a quick checklist, we’d find mystery with paranormal, romance with paranormal, fantasy, thriller with psychic leanings. Hmmm. Do you think it’s because the fresh writers are gravitating to the paranormal or is paranormal the only genre without a strong formula defined? I’m sure it will change since most of us are also tiring of the john, jane, dick, harry and suzy vampire stories. I mean, seriously, there is only so much blood sucking (or sex sucking) you can tolerate! And throwing in a shoe obsessed blood sucker isn’t going to make it okay either.

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