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Plum & Grey are definitely not boring

June 27, 2005

Plucky kick-ass heroines both, Stephanie Plum and Aisling Grey. I have just one problem with them. They kind of fumble around, get involved in things they shouldn’t and make decisions without garnering hardly ANY information. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to think if I was gonna be a kick-ass heroine I’d also want to be smart. Smooth even.

In Janet Evanovich’s latest number, 11 if you’re counting, Stephanie decides to quit the bail bond business because someone from her past has threatened to kill her. Granted, she kills a car in all her books, but she has gotten sort of used to that. This new threat forces her to become more introspective and question where her life is going. Marriage, kids, learning to play the cello…

Wait!! We cannot have Stephanie Plum decide between Morelli and Ranger. If she did, there would be no more reason to read the series!

Speaking of decision making difficulty, Aisling, that’s ASh-ling to you peons not yet corrected by the author herself, is in Budapest this time and still can’t commit to becoming a Wyvern’s immortal mate.

Jim, the demon-dog is back, and a good thing since he has become one of my favorite characters of hers. Aisling is attending a conference and couriering another priceless object for her uncle when she is set upon by gypsy thieves and has her underwear scattered on the train station platform. Much embarassment, dead bodies and beasties ensue.

Actually that last statement is true for both books. Stephanie’s niece is still in her horse phase. And Bob continues to eat indiscriminately. All in all both of these books are highly entertaining, and well established characters doing what they do best, I just wish they were a little MORE….

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