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Anna Sugden | What’s Your Colour?

April 9, 2014

Recently, we were at the house of a friend of a friend. Beautiful building, gorgeous gardens, even a stream running through the bottom of the garden. Inside, they had lovely furniture and interesting stuff in their bookcases, on their shelves and hanging on their walls.

But their décor was all white. And I do mean all white. Walls, carpets, sofas, lamps, curtains. Every main room and bedroom was white. White on white.

White room
Strangely, their bathrooms were all black and white.

Now, it was effective and stunning. I’m sure it photographs beautifully. But, to us, it was cold. We won’t mention that we thought it wasn’t really the place for pets or kids or clumsy adults (yes, I was nervous that I’d spill something or make a mark somewhere!) So, for all that we liked their house, we didn’t feel at home in it because of the lack of colour.

all purple house

We love colour!

All the rooms we’ve decorated so far have coloured walls. I will admit that they’re plain colour – no wallpaper – because we have a lot of art and memorabilia hanging on our walls and it would be too busy otherwise. And we haven’t gone nuts – like this crazy, purple house. That’s a step too far! Especially having everything purple. Even if I loved purple, that would be way too much for me!

How about you? Colour or white? Plain walls or wallpaper? What’s your favourite colour and would you decorate your entire house in it?

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