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Author/Reader Match with Elizabeth Heiter

September 4, 2018


Elizabeth Heiter writes both psychological suspense and romantic suspense. Her books feature strong heroines, chillingly realistic villains, and psychological twists. She believes every hero or heroine has the right plot waiting for them (and she believes in making them work hard for their happy ending!).


Elizabeth doesn’t know how to be bored, so she’s had ten books in two genres (plus three short stories) published in the past four and a half years. She can usually be found with a mocha next to her laptop, writing her work-in-progress, editing the book she’s just finished, and researching the one up next. That research has taken her to the FBI’s firing range, the CIA’s headquarters, and a police academy.

What I’m looking for in my ideal reader match:

  • Loves the twists and turns of a good mystery.
  • Appreciates a heroine who can take down a man twice her size.
  • Longs for a hero who can charm a strong woman, without being intimidated by her.
  • Wants their heart to pound relentlessly during a great action scene.
  • Believes that anything worth having is worth fighting for.
  • Knows the best villains are as unwilling to give up as the heroes.
  • Craves a book they can’t put down once they pick it up.

What to expect if we’re compatible:

  • Jaw-dropping plot twists.
  • Heart-wrenching connections between the hero and heroine.
  • A lot of action.


This undercover agent can’t disguise his true desire!

Undercover DEA agent Marcos Costa is shocked to see Brenna Hartwell—his very first crush—cozying up to the brutal drug lord he’s about to bust! He hasn’t seen her since childhood, but he never imagined she’d turn to a life of crime. What the hunky agent doesn’t know is that Brenna’s working her own bust as a rookie cop undercover.

Brenna didn’t think she’d ever see Marcos again, especially not on her first undercover mission! She knows she has to keep her distance…but while she and Marcos play out their daring ruse, their youthful passion reignites. One wrong move could blow their covers. Can two loners used to self-reliance trust their lives—and hearts—to each other?

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