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Author Spotlight Dianna Love

May 12, 2010

What would it take for you to go into the WITSEC program?

Dianna Love and her MotoWe see this on television and read about it in books, but the idea of disappearing from our real lives is so foreign most people can’t even consider the possibility. I had a conversation with someone who knows a person in the WITSEC program and it’s a very scary situation. Notice how vague I kept that. Even though I don’t know this person’s name and there’s no chance of me being involved with this person I wouldn’t want to so much as hint at anything regarding them.

But have you ever thought – “What if I saw something that would guarantee my death if I didn’t hide?” Most of us are pretty stressed when life throws a curve our way with a serious family issue that forces us to drop what we’re doing and leave town for a few days, but to walk away from everything within less than an hour? Many WITSEC members have had to do just that.

Law enforcement in charge of the program say they have never lost one person who followed the rules, but that includes absolutely no contact with anyone from the person’s former life.

TITLEThat was part of the “what ifs” that arose while writing SILENT TRUTH. Abbie is a television journalist who’s determined to find out why her mother has suddenly become critically ill after leaving a private medical facility. Snooping around lands her in the middle of a dangerous situation where she ends up a marked woman. Hunter is ready to shove her into the WITSEC program for Abbie’s safety…until she refuses to go because her mother is dying and Abbie is the only person in her family who has a chance of saving her.

She hands Hunter an impossible decision – allow her to remain free, which will get her killed and interfere with BAD’s ability to protect America from a catastrophic threat or force Abbie into protective custody where she can’t even share her mother’s last hours if her mother dies.

And you thought you had bad days!

Making tough choices like this one is what the BAD agents do best. Watching hard-as-nails Hunter make this decision as we wrote his story pulled us right in, and I hope you love reading it as much as we loved writing it. You can read an excerpt from Hunter and Abbie’s story on my website.

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