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September 4, 2005

Well, it’s been forever since I posted about what I read. I know you’ve all been sitting on pins and needles just waiting for me! (If anyone including me believes that then I think we all have another think coming!)

Before I get to the fun stuff let me take a moment to offer my prayers and thoughts to any and all who might have been affected by Hurricane Katrine. If anyone knows where I might donate some mens clothing I’d love to know about it. Mike has a bunch of stuff from his skinny days that he can’t wear, and probably won’t ever have need of again. I tried to do some searching, but seems like everyone needs/wants cash. That is unfortuantely not something I can really offer at the moment.

School has started, and I’m looking to books to escape. I’ve read some good stuff, and some probably not so great stuff. I have to stretch my memory skills to remember what I read in August. Oh wait…I can use my booklist! Ahhh…the one area of my life that I’m almost totally organized in.

Here no particlar order:
Almost Perfect and Just Perfect by Julie Ortolon. These are books 1 and 2 in her new trilogy that’s just being released. Three friends decide to bet each other that they can’t overcome something that they fear. They have one year to do so, and if they can’t succeed they have to treat for an outrageously expensive lunch. Book one was good, but book 2 was to me much more exciting, and I enjoyed it more.

First Dance by Karen Kendall is the third book in The Bridesmaid Chronicles. I enjoyed the first in this series, and the second was disappointing. I’m glad to report that this third book was enjoyable, and kept me turning pages. Today when I went to the store I saw the final book in the series, but resisted temptation. I’m hoping to get it from Kelley’s site as she’s been nice enough to let me have the first three for review.

Flashback by Cait London was a good suspense story. I have found Cait London to be a hit or miss author. I had decided that if I had one more miss by her I wouldn’t read her anymore. I’m quite pleased to report that this book was a hit.

The Night I Got Lucky by Laura Caldwell. This is chick lit which I know many people don’t care for. I had read a book by this author that I really enjoyed, and so when I saw this one I decided I had to read it. This was an OK read, not as good as the previous book, but quite readable. It also was quite thought provoking, and made me wonder what would happen if suddennly I had everything I thought I wanted, only to find out it didn’t truly make me happy.

Someone Like You by Barbara Bretton. A story of a dysfunctional family that is brought together by tragedy, and finally given a glimpse into the family past to see what caused them to be the way they are today. I find Bretton to be a women’s fiction author, and again I know this is a genre that many don’t care for.

The Nosy Neighbor by Fern Michaels. I didn’t care for the ending. Thought it was a bit repetitive. This is probably my least favorite of the bunch.

So far in September I’ve read Killing Her Softly by Beverly Barton. I loved this book, but didn’t think it would be a keeper. Ms. Barton does a wonderful job of combining the suspense and the romance. This book kept me turning pages instead of watching while Richard did a bowling touranment. That says a lot for the book!

I’m currently reading Pelican Bay by Charlotte Douglas. This is one of Harlequin’s NEXT books. This is the first in a series, that I’m hoping I enjoy, and doesn’t cross Harlequin’s many different lines.

Hope that everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.


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