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What I’m reading – week of Labor Day

September 5, 2005

Well I finally finished Gabriel’s Ghost by Linnea Sinclair last night. I had a hard time with this one due to not a whole lot of reading time and getting confused over some of the technical aspects of her world. That’s why I usually stick to fantasy more then straight sci-fi. But I stuck it out, even only squeezing in one chapter at a time here and there and finally finished it last night before bedtime. It got really good the more I got into it and there were some big surprises in the final third of the book. After that I started Dark Desires by Eve Silver, and advance copy for I got for a book being released in November.

In audio I have Fiery Cross Part 2 going t work, Left Behind 6 in the car and I’m trying to do Luanne Rice‘s Follow the Stars Home at home. But it’s from the library and I’m on tape 2 and so far both tapes have been really messed up and can barely hear them. I’ll have to report that when I take them to the library so they can try to fix them. I’ve also got Left Behind 7 and Dream Catcher by Stephen King sitting in the wings for when I finish these ones.

In electronic I finished Midsummer Night’s Heat by Judy Mays and I’m glad to say the editing was much improved in this one, in comparison to the first two books in the series. Right now I am reading I’ll Be Seeing You by Kay Wilde, which started was the short story that wouldn’t quit. LOL She tried to keep it at SS length but her characters had other plans so it’s category length now.

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