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Bloggy Giveaway Carnival — Win a hardcover copy of THE EX-DEBUTANTE by Linda Francis Lee

April 24, 2008

Bloggy GiveawaysWe’re participating in the Bloggy Carnival where all you have to do is to post a comment on a blog to be included in the pool for winners for different items. Since we’re FRESH FICTION, what better prize than a signed copy of Linda Francis Lee‘s latest blockbuster — The Ex-Debutante???

The Ex-Debutante

When Carlisle Wainwright Cushing left her native Texas to start a new life in Boston, she had no regrets. The former Texas debutante, who never felt at home in her Southern skin, had found liberation–or so she thought. Until the day she gets an urgent call from her mother, reporting that:

One, the Symphony Association Debutante Ball, which Carlisle’s family has sponsored for years, is about to be called off;

Two, her mother’s divorce has the whole town talking;

And three, the family’s good name is at stake and Carlisle is the only one who can fix it all.

So Carlisle takes a leave of absence from her law firm and goes to Texas to help. Her fiance, who has no idea she’s an heiress, can’t know that she’s organizing the ball, handling the dramas of the girls involved, settling her mother’s suit–and coming face to face with the true love of her life, whom she ran out on when she left Texas.

Her trip home challenges Carlisle’s sense of herself and brings the pieces of her
past together, so that when she finally re-meets the man of her dreams, she’s in a perfect place to tempt fate.

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Linda Francis Lee signing in Dallas on April 10, 2008

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