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Deirdre Martin | Patience Is A Virtue, Or So I’m Told

May 8, 2009

Deirdre martinAbout eleven years ago, a friend talked me into going to see a psychic. It was an amazing experience; she predicted many things about the future which have come true, including my becoming a full time fiction writer. But she also said I needed to learn patience. Boy, she was she right.

I learned to practice patience when it came time for me to find an agent. It was required again when I finally got one and she sent out my manuscript, which seemed to take forever to sell. And now that I’m published, I have to be patient every time I hand in a book and wait to hear back from my editor about revisions (not to mention waiting for my publisher to pay me.) Believe me, none of this has been easy for someone whose blood pressure spikes when it takes a barista more than three minutes to whip up a single latte. But it’s been worth it, because in the process, I’ve learned to be patient with myself when it comes to writing. I now know there are days when my Muse doesn’t want to do her job. But I soldier on, patiently awaiting her return. My patience is always rewarded; she always comes back.

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