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DFW Tea Ladies and Lori Wilde

October 24, 2006

DFW Tea Ladies
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I’m in the middle of a duh phase…for all of you subscribed to our newsletters I got a bit mixed up at midnight on Sunday and switched a list. But on a bright note, some of you got to see what the daily Fresh Press newsletter looks like. And while it wasn’t a high brow weekend, there were some interesting authors and books on the media. But as usual, I digress, and since I haven’t had coffee yet, the digression may be even MORE pronounced than usual.

Doing catchup on work since the “Buns and Roses” is over except for the debrief, but it was a grand success and hopefully we made lots of new friends and introduced new readers to the romance genre and romance readers to new authors! If you want to see — inquiring minds are always curious — what you missed, check it out.

As for today, this is about it. I’ve read nothing worth blabbing about in the past three days — Time and Newsweek and the thumb nailed CSS manual don’t count. So, please feel free to tell us what you’ve been reading!

Oh, plug for Lori Wilde. We bought her table at the “Buns and Roses” Romance Tea for Literacy and she gave this GORGEOUS little hostess table gifts to each of us. I’d take a picture but my desk is covered with “stuff” and looks very messy, but it includes “kissing frogs” (I LOVE them), scented candle (mmmmmmm, nice), a silver frame for putting up a fav picture (not my family right now, but I’ve got a cute dog picture I can put in there), a BN gift card (it’s spent, sorry guys), PLUS an adorable bag of chocolates (uh, gee Gwen, thanks for eating them for me!) and a copy of her book, DESTINY’S HAND. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

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