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Second Life

October 26, 2006

So ironic…last year a group of Fresh Fiction staff attended the SXSW Interactive…for the uninitiated that’s the South by Southwest conference held in Austin during the famous music and film festival. All the digit heads, an old term probably shows MY age, meet to discuss new and cool stuff relating to technology and media / entertainment. I got sucked in because G has been attending the Film and Music parts for a couple of years and I’ve usually spent the week with her in Austin, but I’d get bored with nothing to do. So, I dragged a few other FF members in 2006 to check out the Interactive part of the conference. AND WOW, what an eye-opener!

But there were two outstanding presentations we continue to talk about… the emergence of Second Life and Threadless. We’re not going to discuss Threadless because they still piss me off…long story told best in a bar over a couple of drinks…but the Second Life is just ironic. M and D attended that one and couldn’t really get it. I said jokingly they should open a bookstore in the virtual world or at least publish some books there.

So what do you know? Someone is doing it! Actually a couple of some bodies. They’ve got bookstores up now, an author doing booksignings in the Second Life and now a literary agency is trolling for new authors to sign!

Why does no one listen to me?

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