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Diane Kelly | Is All Truly Fair in Love and War?

October 16, 2012

Diane KellyDEATH, TAXES, AND A SEQUINED CLUTCHBad breakups. Ugh. We’ve all suffered through them. Whether you’re the breaker-upper or the breaker-uppee, the end of a relationship can be painful, humiliating, and heartbreaking.

Bad breakups can take many forms. Maybe we’ve lost interest in the person we’ve been seeing. We try to gently break it our boyfriend or girlfriend that we want to move on and the person responds with anger, spreading vicious rumors about us or disclosing embarrassing secrets once shared in confidence. Or maybe the person we’ve been seeing, the one who seemed so nice and sweet and committed, has been unfaithful, ripping out our heart and stomping on it. Or perhaps the breakup has been building for some time like the pressure in a volcano and ends in a screaming and swearing match, each person doing their best to rip the other to emotional shreds.

Dating isn’t for wimps, huh?

Back in high school, a guy I was dating showed up at my house with a hickey on his neck . . . a hickey some other girl had put there. Did he really think I wouldn’t notice a purple bruise the size of a silver dollar on his neck? Sheesh! I vowed then and there to never again date a guy named Bubba.

Of course some breakups occur naturally and the demise of the relationship is no surprise to either party. In such cases, two people can split amicably and move on to find someone more appropriate. The worst breakups, however, are the ones a person doesn’t see coming. When a person is blindsided by an unexpected or particularly cruel dumping, he or she may be tempted to seek revenge on the dumper and even the score. After all, hell hath no fury like a woman (or man) scorned, huh?

Revenge is one of the themes in my upcoming novella, DEATH, TAXES, AND A SEQUINED CLUTCH. In the book, IRS criminal investigator Tara Holloway finds herself with an unexpected opportunity to even the score with a former lover who did her wrong. Should she forgive the jerk or teach him a long overdue lesson?

What do you think – is all truly fair in love and war?  Got a bad breakup story?  A good revenge story?  Share it!

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