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Donna Fletcher | Is it a Myth or a Curse?

July 6, 2011

Donna FletcherLOVED BY A WARRIORMyths, curses, and legends have always fascinated me. Could some actually have been based on truths or were most simply figments of the imagination? Naturally, my interest had me researching which led me to Joseph’s Campbell’s book THE POWER OF THE MYTH.

Once I read it, my own imagination took flight. I had been searching for a special heroine for Reeve MacAlpin the hero in my current book LOVED BY A WARRIOR. It’s the second book in my four book Warrior King series, BOUND TO A WARRIOR being the first. I got the story arc for the series just as I was finishing up the Sinclare brothers’ series. The four MacAlpin brothers are on a mission to see that the true king of Scotland claims the throne, one of them being the true king. They each pledge not to fall in love until their mission is complete. Naturally, that doesn’t happen. Love decides to find them whether they want it to or not. I needed not only unique heroines for each brother, but extraordinary ways to bring the couples together. Duncan, the hero in BOUND TO A WARRIOR found himself chained to the heroine in the first half of the book. Reeve, the hero from LOVED BY A WARRIOR, is the fiercest warrior of the four brothers. He fears nothing. With such confidence what challenge could I throw his way? What would be something that he couldn’t battle with fists or weapons?

BOUND TO A WARRIOREnter the myth or more appropriately in this case… the curse. What if he met a woman who if she dared to fall in love or wed, the man would die? What if he met a death bride? How could he allow himself to fall in love with her when surely he’d die? And how could she dare let him love her?

A curse was born, a myth made, a legend told and strangely enough I heard a story right after creating the death bride about such a myth. A Pilipino nurse told me about the village she came from and how women whose husbands died soon after they wed were considered cursed.

So I ask you… what makes a myth, curse, legend? Is it born of the imagination or is it born of fact? Or more appropriately… fear?

Leave a comment about a myth or curse you’ve heard about and you’ll be entered to win not only LOVED BY A WARRIOR the second book in the Warrior King series but also the first book BOUND TO A WARRIOR. And do visit me at

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