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Elizabeth Michels | It’s Time to Party!

September 7, 2016

How will I be celebrating the release of THE REBEL HEIR? Well, pull up a chair and I’ll tell you. I’m a fan of special occasions, confetti, parties, and all the happy things in life. So do I take the opportunity to toss some glitter in the air in the name of a new book? Yes. Yes I do.

There are many quiet days in an author’s life, but book release day isn’t one of them. Release day is a time to celebrate the sleepless nights and long days of work that led to the point of a beautiful book sitting on a shelf in a store, waiting to be read. The smell of the ink on paper! The shiny cover! A new story ready to be discovered by readers everywhere! Isn’t it glorious?!


Beginning with the release of my debut novel, I’ve had a tradition. I would go to my local bookstore, and with coffee in hand, I’d smile at my new release while I sipped my grande skinny vanilla latte. Then I’d take far too many selfies with my book, pictures of my book with other books, pictures of my book arranged on the shelf just so… Perhaps it got out of hand, but it’s allowed on happy occasions. It was a great little tradition until one day last winter. That’s when a friend asked me how I was celebrating my upcoming release day. When I told her about my plans, she exclaimed, “I want to come!”

Really?! Seriously?! But yes, she was both real and serious. I’d never considered that anyone would want to join me, but I was thrilled at the idea of having friends with me on my book’s special day! So I invited a few people. And that’s when “Coffee on the Romance Aisle” became a party.


The Tuesday in March when THE INFAMOUS HEIR came out was the best book release day ever with the addition of a few friends to share in the excitement with me! We chatted all morning over coffee, laughed, and in general had a wonderful time.

Party in the aisle

Of course with every party, there’s a party pooper. It’s sad, but true. And the day’s party pooper came in the form of the—ironically enough—writers’ group who was meeting at the next table in the Starbucks. Apparently we were talking and laughing too loudly and they couldn’t hear while reading to each other. We got shushed and given the evil eye! Just as a side note, any writers’ group that hinges upon reading one’s rough drafts aloud to a group once a week without so much as a single glass of wine involved for nerves is not the group for me. *shudders* But I digress.

Nothing could bring an end to this exciting day, not even shushing. We lowered our voices long enough to make plans to go take pictures on the romance aisle and left the party poopers behind. I signed lots of copies of my book for my friends and for the bookstore. We took far too many pictures. We laughed. We hugged. It was awesome!

So now it’s time to celebrate again! For the release of THE REBEL HEIR, I’m continuing this new tradition of celebrating with friends. Sharing the day with others made the experience of releasing a book extra special. I put an open invitation on my social media for anyone in the area to join me for coffee. I’m hoping to really annoy that writers’ group with our noisy ways this time. *grins* Won’t you join me in celebration on release day?

invite to party

*tosses confetti* How do you celebrate the milestones in your life?


Tell us about your celebrations below and one reader will get THE REBEL HEIR

About Elizabeth Michels

Elizabeth Michels

Elizabeth Michels grew up on a Christmas tree farm in rural South Carolina. After tip-toeing her way through school with her focus on ballet steps and her nose in a book, she met a boy and followed him a thousand miles away from home to Kansas City, Missouri, before settling down in North Carolina.

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