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Even some of Daniel Silva’s friends are in the FBI, CIA and…

August 5, 2006

Even some of his friends are in the FBI, CIA and…
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Dressed in a dark navy suit with starched blue shirt, Daniel Silva is admittedly a “formal” kind of guy. Standing before a crowd of nearly sixty (yes, I counted them, or estimated by rows plus the standees) avid readers, he took questions about his choice of villain, his childhood and life in Washington, D.C. A former journalist Silva has friends in the CIA, FBI and other government agencies. He’s also married to NBC correspondent Jamie Gangel.

Some of his own personal favorite reads are by other spy masters including the great John le Carré, so I felt we had something in common. Can’t wait to read a European spy book.

Our trusty photographer took the command to “get more pictures this time” and inundated us with some from every angle although she almost fell down on the job when it was finally my turn to get our book signed.

Description in a word: erudite

Description in a nutshell: Tall, short-haired, clean shaven with a tan, Daniel Silva although soft-spoken probably does the New York Times crossword with a pen each week.

Check out the photos at under Daniel Silva Dallas.

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