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October 20, 2006

I’m tired — I was up until 4:45am working and got up at 8am to start again, so I’m just filling in space. But a resolution is a resolution. And this is one of the reasons I’m not so fond of blogging, there are so many out there that just don’t say anything, or are at a loss of topic that farting in a gym becomes an entire blog entry. Sorry, it’s just not in me to discuss my bodily functions with world. HOWEVER, I did discuss books on my morning ramble through what felt like North Texas. Look, when you’re operating on less than 4 hours of sleep with gritty contact lenses and driving in Dallas traffic, holding a decent conversation is totally amazing.

G has this goal of reading one book a month. Well, one book a month she can discuss in book club. Trust me that is a real goal for her. She’s our expert on shall we say the “spicy” side of literature. Those she reads MUCH faster but there are not always book club discussion options. Especially in public places. Anyway, she started THE ALLELUIA FILES by Sharon Shinn. She’s had it for years, but since we moved and she went off and back to college, the first book — ARCHANGEL is missing in action. So the big discussion was about starting to read a book in a series, the confusion with characters, should the reader “know” little details about some secondary character, the layers of ambiguity. It is hard to start some books in the middle of a series. Personally, I find it easier to jump mid-series into a fantasy or science fiction set, but other readers have complained it’s worse.

So, bottom line from this long conversation, since she remembers me RAVING — it must have been memorable — about how much I loved ARCHANGEL in the 90s when it was first released, she’s thinking of her options since the book is MIA. One, get it from the library — where other people ::shudder:: have touched it, or, two, use her Borders gift card and buy it. Somehow, I really think she’s going to be passing by a Borders tonight. I could be wrong.

Back to the Fresh Pick, I am SO confused and the week is almost over. If it isn’t demons but is evil, what the heck is the theme? Today is THE THIRTEENTH TALE which I haven’t read, but it’s highly recommended by people who understand my tastes in reading. “She” said she’d tell us the theme on the last day. Hummmpt!

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