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December 8, 2016

Lacey browsed the selection of Blu-ray discs that Alex had set out on the coffee table, trying to imagine him picking them out at a Redbox kiosk. Romantic comedies and chick flicks predominated. To say they seemed like movies a man like Alex wouldn’t be caught dead watching, much less paying for, was an understatement.

She glanced at him. “You chose these yourself?”

“I admit, I had to get help, but yeah. I talked to Everly, Jayna, Mac, and Khaki for some suggestions.” “And they suggested these?”

He gave her a sheepish look. “Actually, they suggested I ask you what movie you wanted to watch. But that would have ruined the surprise, so I went with their best guesses as to what you might like. Anything here catch your fancy?”

She almost picked one at random just to be nice, but then decided against it. After this evening, she had the feeling she didn’t have to play games with Alex.

It was her turn to look a little embarrassed. “Truthfully, I’m not much for rom- coms and chick flicks. Do you have any action or horror movies? They’re more my thing.”

Alex looked surprised but chuckled. “I guess I should have just asked you. I have a lot of those kind of movies.”

He led her over to the big entertainment unit underneath the TV and pulled out the two top drawers. They were filled to the brim with DVDs and Blu-rays, and all of them were action movies, thrillers, and horror flicks. In fact, he had one whole drawer filled with werewolf movies.

She slanted him a look. “Have a thing for werewolves, do we?”

“You noticed that, huh?” His mouth twitched. “I kind of collect them. For whatever reason, I find stories about werewolves intriguing.”

Lacey ran her fingers over the spines, picking up a few and reading the blurbs on the back. In the end, she picked out one of the werewolf titles she recognized—An American Werewolf in London—without even checking to see what it was about.

She turned to Alex. “Is this one any good?”

“It’s a classic,” he said. “A little scary, though.”

She handed it to him, deciding she liked the sound of that. Nothing better than cuddling on the couch with a hot guy and burying her face against his shoulder at all the scary parts.

Alex refilled their wine and grabbed a big bag of Hershey’s Kisses from the kitchen, then turned down the lights and got the movie started before joining her on the couch.

“I’ve seen this movie about twenty times,” he said as the first scene opened up with two guys walking across a fog- shrouded landscape. “If you have any questions—or just feel the need to blurt out a random meaningless observation about the feasibility of a werewolf running around the streets of London without being seen—feel free.”

Lacey laughed and wiggled closer to Alex. She was glad he wasn’t one of those guys who demanded total silence during a movie, because that wasn’t the way she rolled.

Alex put his bare feet up on the coffee table, dropped a big pile of Hershey’s Kisses on his T-shirt-covered abs, then wrapped his arm around her shoulders to pull her even closer. Now this was the way to watch a scary movie.

Lacey tried to pay attention to the film—at first anyway. The action started right from the beginning, and there were people screaming and blood flying within the first ten minutes. It also helped that the acting was way better than she’d expected for a monster movie. She could see why Alex liked this one.

But lying in the dark, with her body pressed close to Alex, eating chocolates off his rock-hard abs was a bit distracting. By the time the hero’s dead friend showed up on screen attempting to convince the hero that he was a monster and should kill himself, Lacey was far more interested in tracing the lines of Alex’s abs through his T-shirt than in watching the movie. It felt like he had a seriously nice six-pack under the thin material, and her imagination filled in all the details her curious fingers couldn’t provide. Alex certainly didn’t seem to mind her playful roaming. In fact, if the bulge growing in his jeans was any indication, he was definitely enjoying himself.

Lacey had never been very aggressive with guys, but there was something about Alex that made the idea of being shy around him seem silly. A moment later, she decided there wasn’t any good reason to resist the temptation any longer. Knocking aside the remaining chocolates, she tugged the bottom of his shirt up until it came out of the waist of his jeans. That gave her a perfect view of all the lean muscles of his stomach, his yummy- looking belly button, and a faint, happy trail of hair that made her groan with delight. Yup, this was exactly the six-pack she’d been seeing in her mind.

Without a word, she traced her fingers over the hills and valleys of his abs, enjoying the way Alex’s muscles flexed and twitched under her touch, especially when she ventured close to his belt. It almost felt like there were sparks dancing along her skin when she touched him.

She was having so much fun exploring, she didn’t even realize Alex was watching her until his hand suddenly came down on her hers, stopping her cold. Had she been wrong about how much he’d liked her teasing?

She tipped her head back to look at him, but when she saw the fire in his eyes, she knew he hadn’t stopped her because he didn’t like what she was doing. No, definitely not that.

Gaze locked with hers, he got a firm grip on her hip and dragged her astride his lap like she was as light as a feather. The bulge in his jeans pressed nicely against the juncture of her thighs, and she wiggled so that he was hitting the perfect spot.

“What about the movie?” she teased.

“What about it?” he growled, his mouth possessing hers and taking her breath away.



Wolf Unleashed


Lacey Barton can’t deny her crazy attraction to Alex Trevino, but that doesn’t mean she has time for the gorgeous SWAT officer. She’s hell-bent on discovering who’s behind the brutal dogfights sending countless mauled animals to her veterinarian office. The trail leads Lacey to a ring of vicious drug dealers and suddenly she’s in way over her head—right smack in the middle of a SWAT stakeout.

With Lacey in danger, Alex’s wolf side is unleashed. But when she witnesses Alex shift, she’s even more terrified… Now it’s up to Alex to crack the case—and earn back Lacey’s trust and, ultimately, her heart.

Romance Paranormal [Sourcebooks Casablanca, On Sale: December 6, 2016, Paperback / e-Book, ISBN: 9781492625988 / eISBN: 9781492625995]

Who could be better for a veterinarian than a werewolf?

About Paige Tyler

Paige Tyler

Paige Tyler is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of sexy, romantic fiction. Paige writes books about hunky alpha males and the kick-butt heroines they fall in love with. She lives with her very own military hero (a.k.a. her husband) and their adorable dog on the beautiful Florida coast.

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