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Fresh Pick | ALL HE DESIRES by Anthea Lawson

January 21, 2010
All He Desires
November 2009
On Sale: November 1, 2009
Featuring: Caroline Huntington; Alex Trentham
320 pages
ISBN: 1420104578
EAN: 9781420104578

Romance Historical
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Anthea Lawson All He Desires
by Anthea Lawson

Not what he expected, but …

then he kissed her…

Far from home and her noble relatives, Miss Caroline Huntington has been injured in a fall from her horse. Called to her side, Alex Trentham knows he must assist her, though he has not practiced as a physician for a long while. Just to see so lovely a woman in a state of undress is a hard test of his self-control. Caroline is all that is warm and feminine, beautiful and pure. Brave to a fault, she does not flinch under his hands, and soon she is on the mend. To hide his feelings becomes impossible and Alex cannot. Her radiant innocence is dangerous to a worldly man…and she seems achingly eager to experience all the pleasure he could show her…


Chapter One

Crete, March 1848

Caroline Huntington was falling.

The distance from saddle to ground took on a dreadful expanse as her horse reared. Flung backward, heartbeat doubling in her throat, she clutched at the pommel, but the smooth leather slipped beneath her palms. For a sickening moment she hurtled down through empty air. Then the earth rushed to meet her, clouting her head and sending a rough pain jolting down her outstretched arm. She swallowed, sudden darkness hovering at the edges of her vision. From far away she heard the throb of hoofbeats receding.

“Help . . .”

It came out a moan, and who would hear? She had left the village far behind, drawn too far up the track by the promise of a dazzling view from the hillside, the scent of dusty herbs in the clear air.

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