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Fresh Pick | GIRL MARY by Petru Popescu

April 2, 2010
Girl Mary

September 2009
On Sale: September 8, 2009
Featuring: Pilate; Mary
368 pages
ISBN: 1416532633
EAN: 9781416532637

Religious Fiction, Historical
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Petru Popescu Girl Mary
by Petru Popescu

For nearly two millennia, Mary of Nazareth, the mother of Jesus, has been one of the most revered women in history, yet she remains one of the most mysterious.

With his empire in crisis, Augustus orders a young Roman spy to find a sign of his divinely inspired power. Concealing his real name, Pontius Pilate enters the Judean desert seeking an unknown miracle. The moment he meets the striking adolescent Mary, he senses that he is in the presence of someone magical.

Mary, vigorous, spiritual, and charming, is a girl like many other teenage girls: full of passions and weaknesses, surrounded by her loving family and her close friends, steeped in the mystic traditions of the Jews — territory that defies Roman comprehension. The young Pilate isn’t wrong in believing that Mary is remarkable. On the verge of blossoming womanhood, Mary’s world will soon open to love — and to the miraculous.

Full of mystical realism and set against the lushly reimagined settings of the biblical world, Girl Mary is the love story of the beautiful girl, naïve and yet complicated, who beguiled everyone — even God — with her soulful simplicity, and whose destiny would change civilization in untold ways.


He spurred his horse, which pulled behind it another horse, loaded with water skins and bales of hay.

Five nights in a row, the young Roman, king Herod’s envoy, had chosen a campsite in the desert, poured water from the skins into a bucket and watered the horses, then broken hay and spread it on a tarp of flax before them. He ate heavy barley bread and ripe cheese and figs. Then he tied the horses’ front legs two palms above their ankles, as if handcuffed. If they spooked and took off during the night, the hooves’ banging on the sand would awake him.

When jackals approached, the horses whinnied and awoke the envoy, who bolted and waved his arms and shouted until the jackals withdrew. He lay back to sleep. When the dawn cracked the dark open, he was in his saddle already, horse Read More…

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