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August 12, 2011
Sworn To Protect

Call Of Duty #2
April 2010
On Sale: April 1, 2010
Featuring: Danika Morales; Alex North
400 pages
ISBN: 1414320515
EAN: 9781414320519

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Inspirational Fiction Mystery, Suspense
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DiAnn Mills

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Sworn To Protect
by DiAnn Mills

Danika Morales has sworn to protect our borders. But that oath has come with a price.

Two years ago, her husband was shot and killed trying to help undocumented citizens—the very people Danika is responsible for deporting as a border patrol agent. His murder was never solved.

Now, a recent string of attacks and arrests leads Danika to believe her husband’s death wasn’t just a random act. It may be part of a larger conspiracy, and it appears that she’s the next target. When the Border Patrol discovers that one of their own is leaking top-secret information, Danika turns to the only person she can trust—a doctor at the local medical clinic. Together they search for answers before more innocent lives are destroyed.

. . . her writing has been compared to another outstanding Christian writer, Dee Henderson.


Chapter 1

McAllen, Texas

The Rio Grande River separating Mexico and the US was not just murky. It was toxic. Danika Morales respected the river’s temperamentólazy and rushing, crystal and muddy, breath-taking and devastating. To many illegal immigrants, its flowing water signified hope and an opportunity for a better tomorrow, while others viewed the river crossing as a means of smuggling drugs or spreading terrorism. But for Danika, the depths meant death, and it didn’t discriminate among its victims. That was why she chose a Border Patrol badge and carried a gun.

Shortly after the 8:00 a.m. muster, Danika snatched up the keys to the Tahoe assigned to her for the next ten hours and checked out an M4. A hum of voices, most with Hispanic accents and clipped with occasional laughter, swirled around the station. A labyrinth Read More…

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