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Fresh Pick | TEMPTING THE FIRE by Sydney Croft

September 10, 2010
Tempting the Fire

August 2010
On Sale: July 27, 2010
Featuring: Marlena West; Sela Kahne
368 pages
ISBN: 0385342284
EAN: 9780385342285
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Romance Suspense, Erotica Paranormal
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Sydney CroftTempting the Fire
by Sydney Croft

They play with passion. They play with fire. They play for keeps.


Shockwaves shoot through the Agency for Covert Rare Operatives (ACRO) when horrific video surfaces from the Brazilian rain forest. A team of Navy SEALs has been nearly wiped out by something sinister and superhuman. Now ACRO agents Sela Kahne and Marlena West head to the world’s most unforgiving jungle in pursuit of a mythical monstrosity with a taste for human blood. And the only path that will take them to the creature runs through two men, each hiding his own dark secret.

Sela is an expert on cryptozoology with a sideline skill that could prove invaluable: when she makes love to a man, she engulfs his innermost thoughts. Teamed with Marlena, Sela makes contact with the lone SEAL survivor, Chance McCormack. Meanwhile Logan Mills, the man who rescued Chance, leads his private company on a hunt that has nothing to do with saving lives. Soon, Sela will put her supernatural charms to work on Logan, determined to extract information about the creature they are seeking. But in this sweat-drenched realm of danger and deception, Logan is more than just a passive target. He has the power to lead a highly-trained seducer into a jungle without any rules, without any limits—and no end to the heat.

Another story where special abilities and danger are an intricate part of the passion-filled game.


Chapter 1

Sela Kahne sat at her desk, staring at the computer screen and wondering why she hadn’t taken one more day of vacation time. An extra day would have meant another layer of tan on her normally pale skin, another couple of chapters of the latest James Patterson novel read, and a few more hours’ reprieve from typing up reports that all said the same thing in conclusion: HOAX.

She sighed heavily and reached for the bag of Skittles she kept on her desk. She popped two into her mouth and cringed. She’d lost a filling during her vacation and desperately needed to see a dentist.

“ACRO’s dentists are the best in the area,” Torrence Olivia, the only other psychic besides Sela who worked in the Agency for Covert Rare Operatives’ Cryptozoology department, said as she walked by.

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