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October 13, 2009

GAIL CARRIGERSOULESSWhen I knew I’d be writing a little something about steampunk, I thought I’d try to figure out what people still wanted to know on the subject. Steampunk has been around for a while now, and certainly the internet has taken notice. So I took my request, as I do with most things these days, to the web.

Here’s what I was asked:
1. What’s the best way to explain steampunk to someone totally unfamiliar with the genre?

One can simply say that steampunk is the future as the Victorians imagined it, where steam power never died, and electricity never dominated. Think hot air balloons flying to the moon. If they still seem interested at that point, one can prattle on about Jules Verne and the birth of science fiction; the current aesthetic overtones (which I describe as the love child of a BBC costume drama and Hot Topic); and the importance of creativity, found object art, and the maker mentality in spearheading the movement. If they still seem interested I suggest pointing them to this brilliant overview article by Jeff VanderMeer, which pretty much covers everything. steampunk__an_overview

To read more about the steampunk question and answer with Gail please click here.

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