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a gripe about book covers

August 6, 2005

Yeah I know we all complain about them sometimes but I had to post about it since one if the books I just recently read that is sitting on the table in front of me, drove me nuts when I read the story. I don’t want to say what book as some of my comments on the cover may give away some spoilers about the story.

Anyhow, in this book, a 30’s or so year old man is abducted mistakenly as the kidnappers wanted his brother. The kidnappers brought in the heroine, a psychiatrist that’s best in her field of deprogramming of minds, hypnotherapy and similar stuff. Well on the cover, they have this woman sort of leaning over the man, who is leaning back against the wall and she’s holding up a crystal dangling on a string. The implication being that she is hypnotizing him. Well that is ALL wrong. The man was drugged almost the whole time and in bed lying down, never once until they escape ever referenced as being in anything but pajamas and the cover has him in jeans and a t shirt. And not once in the book did the heroine ever try to hypnotize him, with a crystal or otherwise.

There is also an inset picture of two little boys same age and dressed exactly the same, which gives the idea they are twins, though it doesn’t say so. But I know when I first looked at the cover before reading I thought they were twins as that is the most obvious assumption from the picture. Well they aren’t twins, though they look a lot alike, and one was actually adopted.

Then we won’t even talk about the cover blurb which is fairly accurate but not quite. I can’t stand when cover artists get it all wrong.

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