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March 6, 2010

I love March. It’s a month I spend 11 other months looking forward to, and the reason has nothing to do with my birthday—since my birthday is in September. It’s a month that kicks off everything I love: spring, new OPI nail polish, and conference season! There are few things I love more than traveling across the region and joining fellow book, movie, and creative geeks as they discuss their passions. As you’re reading this, Sara is sleeping in the bed next to me because she is presenting a workshop on author marketing for attendees of the Nola Romance Writer’s annual conference in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Next week the Fresh Fiction team is making the trek from our cushy Dallas headquarters to the raucousness of Austin for South By Southwest (SXSW). SXSW is the one festival and conference I look forward to the most. I’m ready, credit card in hand, to purchase my badge for the annual film, music, and interactive festival in August and I spend the remaining months planning my assault on the city of Austin. 2010 will be my sixth year in attendance, and I have never looked forward to a SXSW as much as I do this year’s.

The activities are amazing; SXSW will have over a thousand panels for the Interactive portion alone, and dozens of world, national, and regional film premieres. It’s also one of the major stops for up and coming musicians before they head out for their summer concert tours. I have met so many talented and inspiring designers, creatives (including authors) and filmmakers attending SXSW over the years, and it is one event Fresh Fiction jumps through hoops to attend. All around, SXSW is a little paradise for geeks of all types and means, and it’s a prolific organization that aims to boost the exposure of arts and creativity in the Southwest region. What’s presented here is trending six to eight months later!

SXSW is always a lot of work, but it’s fun and so worth it. The designers and filmmakers we meet, both fresh and established, inspire us to return to HQ with plans to continue Fresh Fiction’s evolution for years to come. It’s a great feeling when you know that what you are doing is special and other people are willing to share their own stories and information to help you out. That’s the camaraderie you feel throughout the festival.

Oh, and I’m going to party for six nights straight, because these people know how to bring it—thank God there is a free coffee bar two blocks from our hotel!

Gwen Reyes

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