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Gwen Reyes | Conferences, Learning and… PARTIES!
Uncategorized / March 6, 2010

I love March. It’s a month I spend 11 other months looking forward to, and the reason has nothing to do with my birthday—since my birthday is in September. It’s a month that kicks off everything I love: spring, new OPI nail polish, and conference season! There are few things I love more than traveling across the region and joining fellow book, movie, and creative geeks as they discuss their passions. As you’re reading this, Sara is sleeping in the bed next to me because she is presenting a workshop on author marketing for attendees of the Nola Romance Writer’s annual conference in Shreveport, Louisiana. Next week the Fresh Fiction team is making the trek from our cushy Dallas headquarters to the raucousness of Austin for South By Southwest (SXSW). SXSW is the one festival and conference I look forward to the most. I’m ready, credit card in hand, to purchase my badge for the annual film, music, and interactive festival in August and I spend the remaining months planning my assault on the city of Austin. 2010 will be my sixth year in attendance, and I have never looked forward to a SXSW as much as I do this…

Gwen Chats with George Duran
Uncategorized / October 4, 2008

Le SighOriginally uploaded by freshfiction During the 2008 Book Expo America in Los Angeles, I had the chance to not onlymeet, but also assist and interview one of my favorite chefs and Food NetworkStars, George Duran! I have followed George’s career ever since his show HAM ON THE STREETSpremiered in 2005. When I found out that he was going to be at BEAdemonstrating a recipe from his new book, I set myself on course to meet the manthat I admired so much. After winning the “perfect PB&J” building contest, I had was gifted theopportunity to taste his Peanut Butter and Jelly Bread Pudding as my prize. Letme tell you, it was soooo good, even though it sounds kinda iffy. I have sincemade it, and every time it has come out better and better. I recommendstrawberry jam and smooth peanut butter, btw. Afterwards, George sat down with me for this quick interview. Check it out! Gwen: After college, you worked in radio and television before you decided toexplore cooking professionally. What made you decide to pick up your life andmove to France for culinary school? George: I was a bit confused as to where I wanted to learn French cuisine. I…