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Jack Fisher | It’s all about Sex!

April 18, 2017

Sex! Now that I have your attention, I’d like to talk about my aspirations and inspirations in the world of romance. Please bear with me. I promise my lurid tactic isn’t entirely deceptive. In talking about my experience in the world of romantic lore, sexuality is a big part of it. With that in mind, I hope I still have your attention.

My name is Jack Fisher. I’m an aspiring writer with a passion for intimate romance. I hope to turn that passion into a tangible product with my first book for Totally Bound, “Passion Relapse.” Before I go about celebrating those passions though, I’d like to provide some context.

I’ve been an avid writer for over half my life now. I basically started writing as a hobby when I was 15-years-old and I’ve been writing every day, in some form or another. In fact, I often build my schedule around the times I work on my writing. Considering my early life, that’s actually a pretty dramatic shift.

Growing up in the Washington DC area, I wasn’t initially fond of writing or reading, for that matter. In school, I dreaded any homework assignment that involved a lot of reading and dreaded the essay questions on tests even more. For the most part, I preferred assignments that involved watching TV and playing video games. Granted, few assignments required such activities, but it ended up laying the groundwork for my passion.

It started, fittingly enough, with another passion involving comic books. Thanks to the cartoons I watched as a kid, primarily X-men, Spider-Man, and Batman, I developed a love affair with comic books and superheroes. Eventually, they became the only reading material I actively enjoyed. It also became the catalyst for my tastes in romance.

Contrary to the old fanboy stereotypes that played out in every ‘80s teen movie, comic books don’t just tell stories about Superman punching killer aliens and telling kids to eat their vegetables. They also contain vast, elaborate romance stories that rival anything in a typical English assignment. They involve life, death, loss, heartbreak, and even some intensely passionate moments that’ll get any young man’s blood flowing in all the right directions.

This is what got me started. This is what laid the foundation for my passion for romance. It started, fittingly enough, with my dissatisfaction that my favorite comics and cartoons didn’t contain enough romantic sub-plots. Given that these products were marketed to kids to sell toys, that wasn’t too surprising. For me, however, it presented a challenge that I knew would never be met by someone else. If I wanted more romance in my favorite cartoons and comics, I would have to do it myself.

That’s exactly what I did. Having always had an over-active imagination, I began crafting out these elaborate stories in my head. Then, once my computer skills were sufficiently refined, I began writing them out as fan fiction. I freely admit that none of these stories were very good. It’s hard to expect much quality from a 15-year-old boy, whose teenage years were mired in acne and social awkwardness, in terms of romance. That didn’t stop me from pursuing it.

Over time, I didn’t just write bigger and better stories. I gained a greater understanding of what romance was and how to make it work. In crafting my characters, I learned the nuts and bolts of romance. Naturally, a part of this process involved sex. Being a healthy young man with functioning body parts, it was only a matter of time before love and lust converged.

As time went on, I came to favor love stories that had strong sexual elements. I crafted stories that often blurred the line between love and lust. The romances I conjured had a knack for mixing the two. The challenge was making that mixture balanced. It’s a challenge I still work on today and will continue to work on for as long as I have stories to write.

By taking on this challenge and exploring the passions within, my understanding of romance evolved. Whether I’m watching a movie or reading a comic, I find myself scrutinizing the romantic elements more than most. I break down the core components of each character, assess their personalities, and surmise what makes the romance function or falter.

That understanding has helped influenced my understanding of modern romance as well. I see the love, lust, and passion in the world as an ever-evolving mixture in which few agree on the ingredients. I often take issue with those who prefer an unbalanced mixture. There are romances that are excessively sexual, relying entirely on lust and desire. There are romances that are excessively loving, relying too much on the consistency of erratic emotions. One is deemed dirty and shallow. The other is deemed pure and ideal. Personally, I say both are flawed. I prefer a more potent mixture when it comes to romance.

That means that I celebrate romances that explore both passion and kink, embracing the physical and the emotional. The characters don’t have to restrain themselves, but they don’t have to lose control either. They can work together. They can complement each other. They can create a passion together that they cannot create with anyone else. It’s as beautiful as it is sexy.

As a writer, I seek to explore these components and all their lurid undertones. I’ve written many novels, both original and fan fiction, that tweak this mixture. If I still have your attention, then I hope I can make it worthwhile. I want hearts to race and loins to ignite. With “Passion Relapse,” I want to take another step in this sexy, passionate journey of mine.


Passion Relapse

Two recovering sex addicts. Two broken souls. One shared passion.

Mary Ann Scott was once an aspiring fitness model and all-around party girl. Now, she’s a sex addict whose recovery is making her miserable. Despite spending nearly a year in a treatment program, she struggles to escape the scars left by her addiction. Then, one night, she crosses paths with Peter Robert Rogers, a childhood friend turned handsome firefighter who just happens to be a recovering sex addict as well.

He comes into Mary’s life broken, distraught and vulnerable. Having experienced that feeling, too, she reaches out to him. Together, they try to help each other heal. But in doing so, Mary doesn’t just open old wounds. She evokes a wealth of pent-up desire…a desire that quickly consumes them both.

Now, she and Peter are nearing the brink of relapsing. They’re on the verge of giving in to their addiction. Will it break them once more? Or will it bring them together and finally heal their wounded souls?

Erotica | Romance Erotica Sensual [Totally Bound Publishing, On Sale: April 18, 2017, e-Book, ISBN: 9781786862020 / eISBN: 9781786862020]

About Jack Fisher

Jack Fisher was born in Washington DC into a large, loving family that nourishes creativity at every turn. He grew up on a steady diet of comic books, movies, and Saturday morning cartoons. That diet gave him an active imagination, one he channelled into writing. He began writing at age 16 and hasn’t really stopped since. He quickly developed a soft spot for romance, often writing fan fiction of his favourite fictional couples. Eventually, he graduated to writing stories about couples of his own creation, with a heavy focus on heated passion and powerful intimacy. He is currently single and lives just outside of DC. He is still a self-professed comic book lover and all around sci-fi geek while striving to refine his craft in any way he can.


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