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March 5, 2014

Jade LeeWHAT THE GROOM WANTSIt’s been a long day of writing blogs, so I’ve gotten a bit punchy. What does that mean for you? YOU GET THE FUN BLOG!!!! Yes, the later it gets, the more bizarre I get. So we’re going to do some multiple choice about my book WHAT THE GROOM WANTS alternating with JADE LEE TRIVIA!

1. Radley (the hero of WHAT THE GROOM WANTS) is looking forward to a bright career as captain of his own ship when he steps off the boat and

(a) is met by solicitors who tell him he’s suddenly become a duke! (Because that always happens)

(b) celebrates his promotion with a dozen prostitutes of questionable age and gender.

(c) rushes to Wendy’s house (she’s the heroine) and drags her to his loveshack where he makes mad, passionate love to her for 800 pages.

(d) looks at the author and says, “Truly were you drunk when you wrote this?”

Answer: D! Okay, A because soon after he steps off the boat, yes he’s told that he’s inherited a dukedom.

2. Jade Lee has multiple names and personalities. Which ones of the following are true:


(a) She’s porn star Jade Lee and don’t you forget it!

(b) She used to be Katherine Greyle who wrote sweet regencies. At the time she was innocent, naive, and never had dirty thoughts. It’s a wonder her two children were ever conceived.

(c) She is also Kathy Lyons who writes funny, sexy contemporary romance. Hint: check and while you’re at it, give me suggestions on how to revamp the site.

(d) She lives to stalk Brent Spiner because who doesn’t love Data?

Answer: C! Was the website a hint? Yeah, it seriously needs an upgrade.

3. The inspiration for the lovely heroine Wendy was


(a) A bookseller in O’Fallon, MO named Wendy Drew who time traveled from the past to the future because she has a thing for modern plumbing.

(b) my critique partner Elizabeth Hoyt because I promised her I’d pimp her in my next blog

(c) my editor Deb Werksman because she just emailed me a Starbucks gift card and I’ve had a few too many expresssoeeees, er, expoxessoes, er essspresssssooos, er…coffee!

(d) Squidge! Because he…er, she loves dress up and Scott Nova. (Per Elizabeth Hoyt, “Let them know that Squidge is actually ambi-sexual.” I think she meant omni-sexual. Unless she really did mean having sex while walking.)

Answer: all of the above! Or… A. Wendy Drew really is an awesome bookseller at Rose’s Bookhouse near St. Louis. ( And yes, she does like modern plumbing.

4. Jade Lee has known and loved Sara and the Fresh Fiction crew…


(a) since the dawn of time. Seriously, we worked together to create DNA. Gwen wanted to just go for Benedict Cumberbatch clones, but I made her make Johnny Depp too.

(b) since a conference where Sara introduced me to QR codes.

(c) since I saw them all in their cute pink shirts. I just couldn’t resist hugging them!

(d) since I realized Sara’s brilliant, Gwen knows everyone, Daniel has a smile to melt hearts, and they were my gateway to a zillion awesome readers like you!

Answer: well duh…D. Though Sara did introduce me to QR codes and Gwen totally wants to clone Benedict.

5. The biggest surprise in WHAT THE GROOM WANTS is


(a) When Benedict Cumberbatch appears and shoots the villain in the ending. BTW, Sherlock was the inspiration for hero Samuel in WEDDED IN SIN. Also, who doesn’t want Benedict showing up for any reason at all?

(b) When Wendy gets her ears pierced because that’s cool right?

(c) That any blogger would want me on their blog ever again.

(d) That I have justified buying corsets as a business expense. [FYI to any IRS employees reading this: I meant justified to my husband. My accountant won’t let me do it even as a costume expense. Please don’t audit me.]

Answer: All of the above, especially Benedict. Well, maybe it’s really B, but I’m not telling you why because that would be a spoiler. It was a really great scene though.

6. Reasons to join Jade’s Jewels (my street team) Jade’s Jewels

squidee and books

(a) SQUIDGE says you must!

(b) Cool Gifts and Hot Pics!

(c) Special FB page just for you where you get the scoop on me and my friends.

(d) All of the above

Answer: D — sign up now!

7. Reasons you should buy WHAT THE GROOM WANTS are

(a) Link here to all the awesome reviews.

(b) Link here to the corsets I want to buy.

(c) Link here to a picture of me on my knees offering you favors if you would just go buy the book. [Link disabled because of IRS fear. It’s hard to deduct “favors” as an expense]

(d) Because you won’t get the inside scoop on Elizabeth Hoyt without me as her critique partner. And I can’t be her critique partner if I’m so devastated by lack of sales that I give up writing and decide to stalk Benedict instead. [Elizabeth’s comment: Please, you’re going to stalk him anyway.]

Answer: ALL OF THE ABOVE! Especially the Benedict part!

How’d you do? Comment on anything at all and be entered in a contest to win a Jade Lee e-book of your choice and a SQUIDGE! He’s really a cell phone holder, but obviously he does other stuff.

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