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Jade Lee | Squidges and Love Scenes ~ Comment To Win

February 6, 2014

Jade LeeWHAT THE GROOM WANTSThere are lots of things that writers do to avoid writing. There’s chocolate and pictures of man chest. Also funny pet pictures. You can see all of those in abundance on my facebook page. But I recently got my shipment of new toys for my appearances. (Find out if I’m going to be in your area on my events page or on Jade’s Jewels And yes, I’ll have them at the Adventures in Fiction in Dallas, Feb 15.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Hoyt named my new promo items Squidges and proceeded to put them into poses for the Squidge Kama Sutra. Here’s a few of the pictures. First we have Hello Squidge and the Squidge doing its job. Then we have Downward Facing Squidge and Two Squidges Make a Box.

That led to lots of hilarity, but also started a group of us talking about types of love scenes. I contend that there are three basic romance love scenes. (We’re talking the normal male/female two person love scene)

1. Hero in power – usually on top, heroine’s legs possibly up by her ears.

Variant A – from behind. That’s always hero dominant, IMO, because she’s usually face planting somewhere.

2. Heroine in power – She’s on top, he’s restrained either physically or by his own laziness, er, choice to let her go explore.

3. Squidges make a Box (aka 69) – the most famous of which (in my opinion) is one where the hero is standing and holding the heroine up by her ankles during the event. Yes, he’s a vampire. And yes, he’s trusting that she doesn’t bite down during orgasm.

That’s it. Three basic love scenes. There’s infinite variety within those basics, but really…what else is there?

Well, the other authors brought up a host of other possibilities. There’s the mutual shared power love scene where it’s more of a give and take within the scene. I had to admit that those exist-after all I’ve written a bunch of them-but that’s just a couple who can’t decide between my one and two. Also mentioned were the funny/giggly love scene (those are fun!), the toy scene (because you can’t beat sex with a cyborg), and of course the paranormal scenes. Shapeshifter hotness allows for infinite variety and potential fur in the wrong places!

So help us out! Can you think of other types of love scenes? Get innovative! A lucky commenter will win a Squidge plus an advance copy of WHAT THE GROOM WANTS.

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