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Janet Evanovich … the FEARLESS FOURTEEN Signing

June 21, 2008

Janet Evanovich and Sandi
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DFW Tea does group activities … such as dinner together and a signing excursion. Last night we did dinner at Macaroni Grill followed by the Fearless Fourteen signing in Plano at the Barnes and Noble.

Early Friday I commissioned my husband to pick up enough tickets for eight books during his morning run as the Janet Evanovich signing was a ticketed event and gas is expensive — don’t you love the comment (NOT!!!). He wasn’t sure what to expect when he told me the bookstore people informed him to be there by 8pm to get in line! Standing in line for a book is not something he’s fond of doing and will only perform under duress. I’d say stress as well, but that is what I’ll suffer if I make him “do his part.” I reassured him it was for the book club and he was welcome to come along, it would be fun. He declined politely.

Having a timed ticket meant we could enjoy a leisurely dinner at the Mac Grill next to the B&N as long as we started at 6pm. Which worked out perfectly. Enjoying dinner with dessert then off to find the correct line at the B&N. And we could park in the middle and get in a little exercise as well!

Greeted by two of our favorite CRMs, Ellen and Cody, we found the right line for our salmon colored tickets and waited…and moved up fairly quickly. Janet was doing a quick chat with each group but no personalizations meant the line moved along. Alex wielded her way up and down the line handing out balloons and stickers. No car fresheners, those go on sale July 1st from the web site and apparently she’ll be glad to be rid of them as they are smelling up the neighborhood.

We managed to get our books signed, pictures taken and out the door by 9pm. Pretty good! So it was farewell until next week’s signings, including MaryJanice Davidson and our next book club meeting.

FYI, we put up the pictures of our adventures on the Flickr site. Feel free to check them out and comment!

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