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Sara Reyes | Author Tour Report: Jeff Abbott in Dallas
Uncategorized / July 24, 2008

Jeff Abbott at the Q&AOriginally uploaded by freshfiction Last night we had the opportunity to meet a native Texan in town for a tour of COLLISION, Jeff Abbott. Fresh from a week in London and still jet-lagged, Jeff regaled us with his exploits of researching a book with his mom in Frisco. Now, Frisco is across the road from where I live and my closest shopping area, so finding out that we were the backdrop for an international thriller was a bit, well, ‘thrilling.’ Although, if he got it wrong, even a bit of the streets or neighborhoods or prairie, it would throw me out of my reading. Sorry, but that happens to me and it’s annoying especially if the book was going along so well. And Jeff picked a road under construction. Of course, right now, that could be true since they are busy building TWO toll roads in Frisco. The only city in North Texas where BOTH of the primary arteries costs 25 cents a mile to traverse! It’s outrageous! you pay for the bonds and taxes and then they charge you for usage as well! They may not say they raise taxes but they’ll enjoy quarter and…

Janet Evanovich … the FEARLESS FOURTEEN Signing
Uncategorized / June 21, 2008

Janet Evanovich and SandiOriginally uploaded by freshfiction DFW Tea does group activities … such as dinner together and a signing excursion. Last night we did dinner at Macaroni Grill followed by the Fearless Fourteen signing in Plano at the Barnes and Noble. Early Friday I commissioned my husband to pick up enough tickets for eight books during his morning run as the Janet Evanovich signing was a ticketed event and gas is expensive — don’t you love the comment (NOT!!!). He wasn’t sure what to expect when he told me the bookstore people informed him to be there by 8pm to get in line! Standing in line for a book is not something he’s fond of doing and will only perform under duress. I’d say stress as well, but that is what I’ll suffer if I make him “do his part.” I reassured him it was for the book club and he was welcome to come along, it would be fun. He declined politely. Having a timed ticket meant we could enjoy a leisurely dinner at the Mac Grill next to the B&N as long as we started at 6pm. Which worked out perfectly. Enjoying dinner with dessert then off…

Elaine Viets | The Touring Author: How not to look like Mommy dressed you.
Uncategorized / May 15, 2008

I was in a black mood. I was planning to pack for the June tour for my seventh Dead-End Job mystery, “Clubbed to Death.” I had a wardrobe like a new widow: Black jackets. Black blouses. Black pants. Black is the traditional color for author appearances. It’s supposed to make you look serious. Sophisticated. Maybe even slimmer. Plus, black doesn’t show the minor smudges travel adds to the pale colors. Black should be perfect for a touring author. But not when you’ve been shaken like a martini at 30,000 feet, for three days in a row. Put yourself in my (black) shoes: You are flying to your fourth tour city in four days. Now it’s 4:30 a.m., and your media escort will be outside your hotel at five o’clock to drive you to “Good Morning, Festus,” a major TV talk show. You flip on the bathroom light, pry open your eyes, and the bags under your eyes are a perfect match for your black outfit. Someone has stolen your face and replaced it with your Aunt Marie’s – the one who talked about her operations at dinner. There isn’t enough concealer in Texas to help you. It’s time to abandon…