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Jerrilyn Farmer | Advice from "Mad Bean" for a Killer Event!

September 19, 2007
Jerrilyn Farmer A great party, like a great mystery, needs to provide a few surprises and even a twist. I have given a good deal of thought to both parties and mysteries because I write about Hollywood event planner/caterer Madeline Bean, and it is her job (when not dodging murderers) to make sure every party guest has a good time.

Pulling off a remarkable party isn’t a snap, but it helps to start off with the fun concept. Think vices! Do your friends enjoy imbibing? Try a wine tasting evening. Are they into gluttony? Make sure you feature gourmet goodies. Would they like to gamble? Have an Academy Awards party and keep a tote board to track each guests predictions in each category–perhaps surprising the group with a cool prize for the highest totals. Or try a casino theme. Now if your girlfriends are like mine, they don’t mind flirting, so by all mean pick a theme where everyone dresses up so the women can let their necklines plunge.

In my books, the larger-than-life Hollywood types require the Godzilla of all party concepts–from a wedding held at the Natural History Museum’s Hall of Predators (KILLER WEDDING) to a Black-and-White themed charity ball (PERFECT SAX) to supplying dim sum carts pushed by pretty girls at a private mah-jongg dinner on Chinese New Year (DIM SUM DEAD). Get creative with your theme and it makes all your party decisions so much more fun.

Invitations to your Vegas night can include wads of play cash to entice the big rollers. The menu on Valentine’s Day can include a chocolate fountain and large strawberries for dipping. For some guests, only one drink gets them tipsy–but if that one drink is their twelfth or thirteenth, they might appreciate your party bar offering a cool signature drink. A great Mojito (theme: Cuba of the 50’s) or Bellini (theme: Lotto!–buy all your guests Lotto tickets and watch the numbers called out on your big screen tv) can certainly get the party in a festive mood fast.

Have a blast designing the menu, decorating the space and providing a little interactive entertainment, and your guests will remember your party long after the night. Just a tip, though: to make sure your evening is a true success, try to avoid inviting disapproving neighbors, the dullest man in your office, or any would-be murderers.

Jerrilyn Farmer

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