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Joel N. Clark | An Adventure Awaits in the Jack Staples trilogy

February 23, 2015

Joel N. ClarkJACK STAPLES AND THE CITY OF SHADOWSWhat if everyone in the world is born with invisible scales over their eyes? What if these scales cause us to live in a shadow of the real world without ever seeing what’s truly there? What if the real world is far more magical, fantastical and dangerous than we could possibly imagine? And what if for some the scales have fallen off? This is the world of the Jack Staples trilogy. Those who have lost their scales are known as the Awakened and they follow the Author. The Awakened have fought the Shadow Souled and their master, the Assassin since the very first humans awakened.

Eleven-year-old Jack Staples knows nothing of the Awakened and their war. He has grown up in the small town of Ballylesson, Ireland in the mid 1800’s. Jack also doesn’t know that he is special. Before the world came into being a prophecy was given of a child who would be born without scales. The prophecy was clear, the child would destroy the world; and the child would save the world. Since the very first scales fell off, the Awakened have been searching for the Child of Prophecy who is both feared and longed for.

When nightmarish creatures attack Ballylesson, Jack is forced to flee with his best friend Arthur Greaves and their ancient teacher, Mrs. Dumphry. While running from the evil Oriax and Shadule the boys meet Alexia Dreager, a thirteen-year-old girl who’s an expert with the sling and has uncanny balance and agility. Soon, the three children are swept into a fantastical adventure in the grandest sense. All three children quickly learn that they have special gifts hidden deep inside of them- Soulprints- specific to each child. Young Jack has the ability to walk through time; Alexia, a strange connection with animals and Arthur can manipulate electricity. These are just the first Soulprints they discover.

The Jack Staples series is filled with mystery, time travel, and a new world of beings and creatures never before imagined. In this trilogy, Jack and Alexia’s lives are turned upside down when they learn that both children are in fact the, Child of Prophecy. The Shadow Souled and the Awakened are stunned; how could there be two children when the prophecy mentions only one? Will one of them save the world and one destroy it? Soon, the children are caught up in a mission that defies imagination as Jack and Alexia are thrust into the center of a battle that’s raged since time before time.

This young adult fantasy series (8 and up) takes the reader on an adventure filled journey that is fraught with danger. The first book, (08/01/14) JACK STAPLES AND THE RING OF TIME introduces the reader to this new world and a number of vibrant and loveable characters. Book two (01/01/15) JACK STAPLES AND THE CITY OF SHADOWS brings them deeper into Jack and Alexia’s story. Will the two Children of Prophecy rise to the challenge and embrace their higher destiny or will they choose to bow before the Assassin and help him destroy the world? And will Jack and Alexia have the courage to face their fears and be strong enough to do what is required of them, even if it means their lives?

The epic conclusion to the Jack Staples trilogy, JACK STAPLES AND THE POET’S STORM releases 07/01/15 and tells the story of the Last Battle where the world is at war and every blade of grass, every rock and mountain; the air itself must choose a side, the Awakened or the Shadow Souled. With the two heroes being Jack Staples and Alexia Dreager, the series is perfect for boys and girls ages 8 and up.

About Joel N. Clark

Joel N. Clark is the author of Awake: the book you can watch, and co-founder of Atlas District Pictures (Washington DC) and Switchvert Productions (Johannesburg, South Africa). Clark has written and directed multiple award winning documentaries, commercials and short films covering a wide range of topics from Child Slavery in Haiti to an Antarctic sitcom. He and his wife, Megan, their daughter, Juno, and their son Elah reside in Washington, DC. | @joelnclark

The Jack Staples trilogy


Staples and the Ring of Time



September 2014


Staples And The City Of Shadows



January 2015


Staples and the Poet’s Storm



June 2015

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