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September 26, 2008

Apples – I just can’t get into eating apples in the summer. Once fall comes, it’s like I’m discovering apples all over again. I like the tart kind. Braeburn and the new Honeycrisps.

Hot, homemade soup – Something else I don’t make or eat in the summer. It’s a great easy meal for autumn. (Today’s soup is split pea.)

Fall foliage – I lived in Florida for a while as a teenager, and I really missed seeing the leaves change. Now I’m lucky to live in an area with lots of trees and lots of fall color.

Crunchy Leaves – All that fall foliage leads to crunchy leaves! I love stomping through them.

First frost – So pretty. Time to get out the big, comfy sweaters!

My wedding anniversary – Twenty-three years this October. I can hardly believe it.

Pumpkins – Sometimes I grow my own. Not this year, though, so I’ll be picking up some big ones soon.

Jack-o-lanterns – Some pumpkins eventually become Jack-o-lanterns! I was a little disturbed when the supermarket started selling pumpkins with pre-painted jack-o-lantern faces a few years ago. I’m a purist. Gotta carve my own, usually on the day before Halloween.

Costumes – I love to see what the neighborhood kids come up with!

Halloween – This is getting to be a lot of people’s favorite holiday, and I can totally understand why – it’s so much fun! I get into decorating the front lawn with tombstones, plastic skeleton bones, jack-o-lanterns, etc, for the big night. I play a scary-sounds tape during trick or treat, which is a big event in my neighborhood.

I was so glad that Immortals: The Crossing is an October book! It’s perfect because the story takes place on Halloween. What better time for a “Crossing” into the realms of the dead?

Hope your October is healthy, happy, and fun!!

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Joy Nash

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