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September 28, 2008

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been reading the Bakery Sisters Trilogy by Susan Mallery. People who know me best know that I love connected stories. I tend to horde the first and second book until the third becomes available, and then read them back to back to back.

While for a short series that will release quickly this is a great plan, but for a longer series such as the In Death books this does not work. When Naked In Death by J. D. Robb first came out I bought the book even though I didn’t think it was truly my thing. I saved it knowing there would be more to follow.

What happened? I’m sure you know. I kept collecting expecting an end to this series so I could finally begin to read, but that end is still nowhere in my line of vision. Finally I saw a website that was beginning a book of the month read, and offered people several choices to choose from, and amongst the choices Naked In Death.

A few friends and I decided to all vote for Naked In Death and get one book or perhaps more should our choice win out of our TBR mountains. Luckily for us it worked! Now three years later the three of us are current and awaiting the next release.

However, I truly digressed, I’m reading The Bakery Sister books, and saved them once again until I could attain all the books. Thank you to the publishing person who decided to release the books in quick succession. I’m learning a bit about the bakery business and a lot about family dynamics. Would I be getting these lessons if I had had to wait for the books and read them spaced apart? That’s a question that will never be answered.

What about you? Do you save a book until you have all the books in the series or do you read them as they release? If books are spaced apart like the In Death books or the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by J. R. Ward do you have to reread them before you read the new release?

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