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Julia Knight | Bad Boy Boogie

January 20, 2011

TITLEI love a bit of bad boy. I’m know I’m not alone either. But I am intrigued, especially given my latest character, pirate Van Gast, what turns a man who should be someone you run from screaming into a lovable rogue? In short, why is he lovable not undatable?

In the interests of research (obviously I would not trawl literature and film for examples of sexy men just for myself) I think I may have the answer. Or rather, answers.

First and foremost, they are fun. Hans Solo with his laconic wit, Mal Reynolds’ one liners, Captain Jack Sparrow’s grin. Sinbad, Ali Baba, Aladdin. Every character Errol Flynn ever played…They reduce the gravest danger to something that’s fun, exciting, thrilling. Different.

Then you have to add a dash of charm. James Bond’s ability to talk a woman into bed in about three seconds flat. The Marquis De Carabas’ languid grace, Richard Sharpe’s élan. Without charm he’d be just another thief or womaniser.

The third element is, I think, the most important. What elevates our man from just bad to rogue. Bravery, especially for others. His moral code maybe different, but he has got one. Hans Solo risked everything when it came to the crunch, the Marquis De Carabas literally died to help someone else, Robin Hood had fun stealing from the rich, but he gave it to the poor. Van Gast has a habit of stealing anything not nailed down, but is willing to do anything for the woman he loves. Because when it comes down to it, your lovable rogue is lovable because there is something he cares about, passionately and, for me at least, it’s that passion that makes him worth swooning over.

So if you’re a lover of lovable rogues, here’s a little more about Van Gast:

Privateer Van Gast thrills in capturing treasure; delights in pulling off elaborate scams; and has an outrageous reputation with the ladies. But there is only one woman for him: fellow privateer Josie—seductive, brave and unpredictable. He’s hoping to make their relationship permanent, until he raids the wrong ship. Now slavers are stalking him, his crew is verging on mutiny and Josie has disappeared.

When she reappears with a new mark wanting Van Gast’s help running the ten ruby trick con, he senses trouble. It seems like Josie has joined up with mage-bound slavers to turn him over to their Master. Van Gast is about to take the biggest risk of all—and find out the true meaning of trust and betrayal.

And finally, I’d love to hear about your favourite rogues in film and book. I always need a new fix!

TEN RUBY TRICK is now available from Carina Press

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