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Julianne MacLean Releases Four Books in One Day – How is that possible?

June 19, 2011

Julianne MacLeanTHE SEXY GIRL’S GUIDE TO COWBOYSBig news – I have a brand new book out which I have been keeping under wraps until now.  To quote Connie Brockway, I have “gone rogue” with this one, and I am releasing it independently.

It’s called THE SEXY GIRL’S GUIDE TO COWBOYS, and it’s a wild, quirky time travel romance that takes a modern day heroine back to Dodge City in the Old West.  Official release date: June 20.

It’s a story I wrote in 1995, when I was still an unpublished writer and time travels were all the rage.  When I finished it, however, publishers weren’t buying time travels anymore, so I had to shelve it and start something new.

I wrote PRAIRIE BRIDE, also set in Dodge City, and sold that book to Harlequin.  It was my first published novel.  After that, I wrote THE MARSHAL AND MRS. O’MALLEY, then ADAM’S PROMISE.

Let us now do some time traveling of our own, and skip ahead to the year 2011.

Here we are, with Blackberries and Ipads, and the ability to self-publish e-books.  It is astounding, and I love the fact that I can finally deliver this book to readers, and do it quickly without waiting a year for a release date.

I always loved this book, and since I had a little break between my Highlander releases, I had time to dig it out and revise it.  The original version had no mention of the technology we have today, and the heroine was wearing a bulky denim shirt.  Remember those?  That had to change, and the writing needed a bit of polish.

I hope you’ll check it out and see how my writing has changed in the past decade.  This is definitely Julianne MacLean as a young writer.

So what about my question -“Four books released in one day…How is that possible?”

Here’s the story:  Two weeks ago, as I was gearing up to publish THE SEXY GIRL’S GUIDE TO COWBOYS, I received an email from someone on the digital team for backlist e-books at Harlequin.  They wanted to let me know they were reissuing my first three historicals as e-books this month, all on the same day.

What was the release date?  You guessed it.  June 20 – the exact date I had pegged for THE SEXY GIRL’S GUIDE TO COWBOYS.  I swear I nearly fell out of my chair, because neither of us knew what the other was up to.

So there you have it – pure serendipity.  All my out-of-print westerns are now available as e-books, as well as a shiny new novel with a contemporary, time traveling heroine squaring off against a gorgeous, gunslinging sheriff in a black hat.

To celebrate, I’m giving away a delicious box of Godiva chocolates to one lucky commenter.  Share anything you want.  Tell me if you prefer cowboys to Highlanders – or vice versa – or tell me how much you like chocolate.   It doesn’t matter – just share something, and you are entered!


The West Was Never Wilder…

What would you do if your car spun out of control and you woke up in the Wild West of 1881?

Dressed in skinny jeans, sexy red pumps – and frustrated by a troublesome lack of cell phone reception — fitness columnist Jessica Delaney soon finds herself dodging bullets.  Before the night is out, she’s thrown in jail for a murder she didn’t commit, and if things don’t seem complicated enough, the hot-looking sheriff in charge of her arrest has danger written all over him – and a sexy swagger to die for.

Jessica knows she needs to get home, but when ruggedly handsome Sheriff Truman Wade gives her a taste of the real Wild West, she begins to wonder… what’s her hurry?

Available as an e-book June 20, 2011.  Print edition coming in Fall 2011.

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