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KATE CARLISE | Top 10 Reasons Why Every Millionaire Needs a Wife

July 26, 2010

AUTHORWe always hear about the millionaire playboy, but seriously. Trotting the globe alone. Sounds kind of sad and pathetic, doesn’t it? How much fun could a man have, bedding different women every night? No man wants to do that!

After a while, arm candy would make a millionaire sick.

TITLEOr at least, it would a millionaire of character, like Adam Duke, the hero of my latest book, The Millionaire Meets His Match. Adam has no intention of ever settling down, but that’s because he doesn’t realize how much a wife-the right wife – would add to his life.

So here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Every Millionaire Needs a Wife 10. She makes a fabulous tax deduction. When you’re raking in the bucks, you need every tax deduction you can get. Which brings us to…

9. He needs someone to bear his insanely gorgeous heirs.

No mansion is complete without the sound of children laughing as they play in the bowling alley or build a fort in the wine cellar. Of course, it will be a while before the children inherit because…

8. Married men live longer.

He needs time to enjoy all that money. And of course, he won’t truly enjoy it without a woman to help him spend it.

7. He needs someone to name the yacht after.

As well as to model for the sculptor of the figurehead.

6. He needs someone to keep away all those skanks who are only after him
for his money.

Who do they think they are?!

5. He needs someone to buy jewelry for.

Tiffany blue just doesn’t look good on a man.

4. Who else is going to watch the pool boy?

The millionaire is too busy. Someone needs to make sure the pool boy gets every leaf!

3. He needs someone to help him choose a tie to go with his thousand-dollar suit.

The valet’s taste is simply too traditional. The millionaire needs a woman with an eye for color and a sense of whimsy to choose his ties to keep him from taking himself too seriously.

2. To get his mother off his back.

Does every millionaire have a matchmaking mother, or just Adam and his brothers?

And the number one reason why every millionaire needs a wife…

1. Because everyone deserves to find love, even millionaires

(A big thank-you to my Facebook fans, who helped me brainstorm this list. If you’re on Facebook, I hope you’ll come say hi! Join the fun! We share funny videos, talk about interesting articles, and just generally have a good time.)

Let’s have fun with this! What other reasons can you think of? Why does every millionaire need a wife?

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