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July 26, 2010

Dianna LoveBlood Trinity

Intangible Evidence of MAGIC by NYT best seller Dianna Love

Have you ever experienced something you can’t easily explain?

INTANGIBLE EVIDENCE is actually the title of a book I read back in the late 80’s that was fascinating.  Authors Bernard Gittelson and Laura Torbet documented accounts of the strange and unusual, but qualified everything as having no hard evidence, thus the title.

I’ve had quite a few unusual things happen in my life since my childhood, but like many other people, I realized at a young age to keep odd things to myself.  Still, the supernatural always fascinated me.  Here’s an example:

I’ll admit to being absent minded, an inconvenient and frustrating trait many artists have.  I developed ways to work around it so it didn’t drive me and everyone around me crazy.  I especially hate to lose my keys (you know THE keys to your life – car, house, whatever).  I had just moved into a house back in the early 80s during a very stressful time.   I wanted my recently-booted boyfriend out of my life (this was right before I met my terrific husband) and had agreed to meet so we could discuss how to divide up some things we’d purchased together.  I went rushing into my house to change clothes and dropped my keys in the middle of the empty table in the kitchen.  That’s where I habitually put my keys then, so that I could find them.

When I came hurrying back out, the keys had vanished.  I went through the “look everywhere” motions, knowing I had placed those keys on the table.  I finally gave up and stomped through the house yelling, “I do not have time for this.  I want my keys back now!”

I walked back into the kitchen and there were the keys sitting in the middle of the table.

I’ve always believed it was a spirit who had traveled with me since childhood, as these situations happened all the time.  But I could never pinpoint anything about the personality to clue me in to who this person might have been.  My neighbor at the time was a sweet flight attendant who I shared many glasses of wine with on one of our back porches over the years I lived there.  She had similar incidents and told me she attributed hers to a pesky little brother who’d died as a baby.  I realized some of the odd things that happened to me were pranks and that I’d had a baby brother who had died as well. During the time that I had spent with this former boyfriend, he constantly had things happening that couldn’t be explained.  I never told him, but I thought it was my spirit who I now believe didn’t like him, which would explain why the spirit took my keys to keep me from going to meet him.

Magic is everywhere.  If you consider the miracle of birth, the healing power of prayer, the inner voice that badgers you to go back inside for something unimportant when you’re leaving home only to find out the gas stove was not turned off.  Or if you consider the stranger who helps you in your most dire hour…it’s hard not to accept that magic exists even without tangible evidence.

At least it isn’t for me.

It was the many things I’ve experienced in life that could not be explained or defined that fueled my love of paranormal stories.  When I started the Belador series back in 2004, I created characters and a world I enjoyed, based on the things that had been percolating in my subconscious for years—fed by incidents like the loss and reappearance of my keys—the unexplainable.  I sold the novella MIDNIGHT KISS GOODBYE, which was part of the 2008 anthology DEAD AFTER DARK. Mine was not a vampire or werewolf story, but instead was based on a race of people I created from Celtic mythology.

I had the idea for a series based on that novella, but at that time, I was told my stories were too unusual – no one knew how to market them.  Fast forward to 2009 and I was co-writing a contemporary romantic thriller series with the amazing Sherrilyn Kenyon.  My awesome publisher, Pocket, was interested in something paranormal from the two of us.  Since Sherri had brought me in to collaborate with her on the BAD Agency that she’d created, I made the offer in return to have her collaborate on my Belador series.

BLOOD TRINITY is the first in this paranormal thriller series (think urban fantasy on steroids) that will be released October 19th.  Evalle Kincaid is an Alterant, a half-blood Belador, living in Atlanta where things do more than go bump in the night.

October 19th…the Beladors are coming and things are going to heat up in Atlanta.

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