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Kathleen Long | What Would YOU Change?

May 16, 2013

Kathleen LongCHANGING LANESI’m waving a huge hello to the gang at Fresh Fiction! It’s wonderful to be here with you. Thanks for inviting me back to blather on a little bit and celebrate the release of my newest novel, CHANGING LANES.

You know, I answered an interview question earlier this week about the significance of the new book’s title: CHANGING LANES. Specifically, the interviewer wanted to know if I could change anything about my past, would I? I quickly responded that no, I wouldn’t. But since I hit the Send key on that interview I’ve given the question a lot of in-depth thought. Guess what? My answer is still the same.

Sure, I joked about a poor hair choice I’d made (and trust me, there have been thousands), but as far as life goes, I love where I am today.

Fifteen books later, am I glad I took a risk and gave up my marketing career to try my hand at writing fiction? Yes! And, although years of infertility left my husband and I battered and bruised, our decision to adopt was the most wonderful lane change of all. Today, I look at my beautiful seven-year-old and know every moment of struggle and heartache brought us here. Thank goodness!

In CHANGING LANES, our heroine, Abby, is forced to evaluate the future she’s planned for. She must choose between fighting for what she thought she wanted, and embracing what she realizes she needs. Not my best sentence, but hopefully you get my point. Abby’s story is about learning to let go of the past AND expectations of the future in order to live fully in the moment.

Those moments may be big moments—graduations, confirmations, weddings, promotions—but they may also be everyday moments—shared laughs, family dinners, a long walk along the beach, or a few stolen moments spent counting stars.

So what am I trying to say? I’m saying that whether or not you decide to pick up a copy of CHANGING LANES, I hope you’ll embrace the story’s message. Live in the now, enjoy this moment, be thankful for the decisions and choices that brought you here, and never be afraid to change lanes. It just might be the best decision you’ll ever make!

Now it’s your turn! Have you ever changed lanes in life? Would you make the same choice again? Or would you do something completely different, if you could? I’d love to know!

Thanks for letting me stop by today! As always, it’s my pleasure to spend a little time here at Fresh Fiction.

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