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Kimberly Lang | Hero Characteristic

April 22, 2009

One year at the RWA National Conference, I had coffee with an editor (not my editor) who told me that if you read an author’s books closely, you’ll be able to see that all of her heroes will share some common characteristics. Maybe it’s a core value or just their sense of humor, but it’s often unique to that author’s heroes and it shows up over and over again. And, she says, if you get to meet the author’s husband, you’ll often see that same quality in him.

It makes sense – after all, the author has to fall in love with her hero before the heroine or the reader can. The same qualities the author loves in her real-life hero are going to be what she wants her fictional heroes to have as well.

When I told my husband this, he got a cute little worried look on his face. He quickly ran down a list of common characteristics my heroes have: insanely rich, powerful, successful, tall, muscular, athletic. He figured he could claim “tall.”

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One Comment

  • Stacy~ April 22, 2009 at 6:39 am

    Hi Kimberly 🙂

    It’s rather predictable, but I think humor is a must. You can fight and be mad at each other, but if you can’t laugh and enjoy life together, then I cannot imagine being with that person. Even tortured heroes can find something amusing from time to time.